What’s in a name …

Mind your youth … huh? Seems unusual? Well, here’s how I chose it …

I have worked with young people my entire professional life and you know what? They are pretty incredible. I never cease to be amazed by what teenagers can teach us and how much they want to learn and be engaged in the world. 

Teens are stuck in this strange world where they are trying to be independent, but don’t always have enough life experience to handle everything that gets thrown at them. Adults aren’t sure what to do with them … do we give them more responsibility or less? What if they make a mistake? Can’t you just hear us “Well, when I was a kid, blah blah, blah” Guess what? We all make mistake and that’s how we learn. We can also learn from other peoples experiences so we don’t have to try everything.

Anyway, back to the name. I wanted a name to remind us that we (adults) need to pay attention to teens, they need to pay attention to themselves and sometimes we just need to remember what it was like. So, I started looking at definitions of words and here’s what I came up with:


    MIND: to give protective care to; recollection or memory <ex: keep that in mind>

    YOUR: relating to you or yourself especially as a possessor

    YOUTH: the period of time between childhood and maturity; a young person


Kinda sounds like what I was looking for doesn’t it? A blog is born! Now I have a place to talk about what I think is important to teens (based on being around them for many years) and what I think should be important to adults too. I hope you will check back!


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