Back to school … a fresh start

Back to school - books and leaves

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It seems like back-to-school starts earlier every year. I’m pretty sure I saw school supplies being put out in stores on the 4th of July. Notebooks, pens, paper, binders and cute back to school clothes. You can’t go anywhere without being reminded that your summer is almost over.

On the bright side, fall is my favorite season. I just love it when the days are warm and it cools in the evenings, just enough to put on a hoodie when you go outside. The leaves change colors and football teams hit the field. Another reason I love fall is the beginning of school. I always thought that every new school year was a chance to start over. New school supplies, maybe some new clothes, a hair cut and the excitement of meeting new friends or seeing friends you haven’t seen for awhile. You get the chance to start a new year and make it what you want.

I used to picture who I wanted to be for the year. What would I wear, who would I hang out with, what kind of grades was I trying to get, what would my spot on the team be this year? So much to think about! Who do you want to be this year? How do you want people to see you? You may want to be more organized, have better study habits, try out for a new sport or get involved in a new club. Maybe you want to have less drama in your life and that means making some changes with your friends. Whatever you want to do this school year, this is your chance!

If organization is what you need, start now. Get a planner to keep track of your schedule (homework, practice, work, etc). Figure out how you will keep your homework organized, maybe a new backpack and some new binders and dividers. Learn about time management. The same thing doesn’t work for everyone so discover what works for you!

Find out about sports teams, clubs and activities you might want to try. Maybe take that singing voice you use in the car (you know you sing in the car) and try out for choir or the school musical. Have you been hiking or running all summer? Go out for cross country. Want to get involved in your community? See if your school has Key Club or another volunteering club. There is so much more to school than classes!

If you want less drama in your life examine who you are spending your time with. You also need to take a good hard look at how you respond to situations, are you the one starting the drama? Let go of disagreements and arguments from the past. Surround yourself with positive people who have the same values as you. You can’t control what everyone else will do but you can control how you respond and where you choose to spend your time and energy.

Whatever you decide you want out of this school year, start now. Set some goals and make a plan. I know most people think of spring as a time for growth and change, but for me it has always been fall. So make this school year the best one yet! So, get ready to head back to school … and your fresh start!

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